Ambient, Experimental-Classical Romanticism, Drone, Post-Kinetic
If you listen to: Fennesz, willamette, Tim Hecker, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Brian Eno, Hanz Zimmer, Stars Of The Lid,  A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Grouper, Gustav Holst, Ottorino Respighi

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Pre-Kinetic Blueprint
i would rather never see my loved ones again than see you stand above a lingering and shaking crowd, mimicking children caught in a lie

Pre-Kinetic Blueprint is the stylistically challenging-to-define solo project of Portland, Oregon based multi-faceted artist Harley Nerheim-Chereck. PKB’s improvisational stream-of-conscious compositions are typically long-form and comprised by multiple ambient-symphonic movements or scenes combining a unique blend of Ambient, Drone and Experimental-Classical with Industrial and Post-Rock undertones at times. 

PKB’s style can at times be compared to Fennesz, willamette, Tim Hecker, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Brian Eno, Hanz Zimmer, Stars Of The Lid,  A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Grouper and even murmurs of Holst and Respighi however he is truly discovering these compositions as he moves through them, not necessarily intentionally prescribing to any specific genre. 

New single and full length debut album “but we’re not sure what to prescribe you” due early 2020

Harley describes his music as “Post Kinetic” or “traveling through an auditory representation of emotion or emotions after an event that has moved us”. His compositions are abstract representations of elemental human experiences, either static or transforming from one state to another throughout each piece, creating an experiential narrative for the listener to travel through with him. 

PKB’s compositions are typically composed by Harley as improvisational stream of conscious first takes using various affected instruments simply layered on top of each other either live or over a minimal number of tracks. Very little if any editing is performed on his compositions leaving an organic final product that is simply based on the emotions that he is experiencing at the time of recording. 

Nearly all of PKB’s compositions are composed, recorded and mastered within a single day. In fact the tracks that make up PKB’s first three albums released on Soundcloud were uploaded prior to listening to the final mastered songs, allowing him to experience them in their final public state for the first time just as his listeners do.

Each song’s title is typically chosen immediately after the completion of the composition and loosely represents the emotions that were discovered through the creation of the piece.

Since his first self released composition in early 2016, PKB has digitally released 4 full albums of material on Soundcloud and via the film score to his recognized experimental film “Field Notes”.

To date PKB has an additional 5 full albums of material completed and ready to release in addition to the scores to two short films he has produced “paulie (the tourist)” and “standing still for an hour not moving”.

PKB’s first full length album to be released on Mary’s Quilt Records “but we’re not sure what to prescribe you” is scheduled for release in February 2020.