Mary’s Quilt takes $0.00 from the sale of each and every item our artists sell. To be a part of MQ we simply demand that all our artists give to each other in any and every way that they can – to help themselves be successful artists, performers, business people and human beings.

Put simply, MQ is an artist “owned” and ran collective with the sole purpose to give exposure and support to incredibly talented, passionate and under-served artists to the world “without having to sell their souls” and a network of artists to help lead each other down the path, to the new truth of what success means in the music business today and more importantly life.

Myriam (The Couch Scene), Mary’s granddaughter Lisa and Harley (pkb) getting turnt May 2016.

Mary’s Quilt truly lives on via these freaks of nature and the world is a better place for that. Thank you Mary.